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Face care after contour plastics

Facial care after contour plastic surgery photo 1 One of the sparing and effective ways to treat age-related changes is a contour plastic surgery using hyaluronic acid. If you entrust execution of the procedure to the experienced doctors and comply with all the rules of care, you can get rid of deep wrinkles and make lips or cheekbones more pronounced.

Procedure of contour plastic surgery

The essence of the procedure is the administration of special filler into the area under the wrinkle. As a result, the skin is lifted, and the skin wrinkle is smoothed out.

Advantages of this technique:

  • The result can be seen immediately after the session;
  • There is a small list of contraindications;
  • The operation duration is 30-40 minutes;
  • The result is natural;
  • There is no age limit;
  • The effect lasts for a period from 6 months to 2 years.

The technique is used widely for the correction of facial contours, age-related omission of tissues, removal of the scarring zones, adjustment of the asymmetry, correction of missing volume in some areas of the face, elimination of deep and superficial wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid is used as the filler, since it is fully compatible with the human body.

Possible side effects

Facial care after contour plastic surgery photo 2 Despite the fact that this procedure is the most sparing one, you may experience a number of complications. These include the manifestations occurring as a result of poor quality of contour plastic surgery or features of the organism.

Side effects:

  • ffiness. It is a natural reaction to injuries occurring due to injections. Symptom passes off on its own in 3 days. If the swelling is observed for a longer period, you should see a doctor.
  • Bruising, hematomas. Small hematomas may occur on the face at the injection site if extensive area was subjected to exposure and a large quantity of hyaluronic acid was used. Symptom passes off on its own. More serious consequences include a hematoma, which has been developed as a result of receiving anticoagulants. Prior to the injection the doctor is obliged to hold a consultation with the patient and eliminate the possibility of taking these medicines.
  • The loss of sensitivity. Within 14 days, while there is a natural distribution of the drug in tissues, its accumulation may compress the nerve endings. Symptom passes off on its own.
  • Pigmentation. If the skin is not being protected from the sun after the injection, then the dark spots may appear at the injection site.
  • Fibrosis. It is a rejection of a preparation being administered. It is manifested in the form of balls and seals at the injection site. Depending on the fibroma complexity, it can be dissolved on its own or it may require a surgery or administration of the drug, which is degrading the hyaluronic acid.
  • Scarring. These may be developed due to the wrong care or traumatizing of the intervention zone.

Recommendations of the doctors after performing the contour plastic surgery

A set of rules should be observed so that the filler would spread uniformly at a dedicated area and the injection site would recover quickly.

Rules of care:

  • It is prohibited to use decorative cosmetics and touch the area of the impact with the hands for a day after the procedure;
  • The solarium and sun exposure is prohibited for 2 weeks. During this period, it is necessary to use cosmetics for sun protection with SPF 30;
  • You should limit the use of the sauna, bath and pool for 2 weeks;
  • It is prohibited to conduct invasive procedures (cleaning, massage, peeling, etc.) for 1-1.5 months;
  • Administration of drugs and blood thinners is prohibited for 2 weeks;
  • Hypothermia or strong thermal effects on the intervention zone are prohibited for 2 weeks.

If the pain is expressed at the injection sites during the rehabilitation period or the general condition is deteriorating, then it is necessary to inform the physician.

Facial care at home

You should sleep on your back for 1 month after contour plastic surgery in order to prevent displacement of the gel. Most of the cosmetics that you put on your skin should contain sun filters. Their use is recommended even in winter. In order to reduce swelling and remove the hematomas, the special ointments can be prescribed, but their use without the doctor's recommendation is not desirable.

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