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How to grow holes in your ears?

How to grow holes in your ears? Wearing earrings is quite usual for most girls. Many girls have ears pierced in early childhood, and since then they have not parted with fashion accessories. But heavy earrings can lead to a stretching of the earlobe and an increase in the hole in it, which can no longer grow independently.

What to do to overgrow holes in the ears?

If you prefer ordinary earrings, then the hole from them will be tightened when you stop wearing the accessory. How long the healing process takes will depend on the duration of the puncture and the individual characteristics of the organism.

After the overgrowth of the hole in its place remains a small scar. To get rid of this flaw, just use a special cream for a while. If the hole is large, the medicine is applied in the form of a lotion, if it is small, a thin layer of cream is enough to apply to the puncture site 2-3 times a day. If the puncture does not overgrow for a long time, a plastic surgeon can sew it up.

More and more girls wear several earrings in one ear, including cartilage. According to the patient reviews, piercing cartilage is more painful than the lobe, but it grows as fast as soft tissue. As a rule, to grow a hole in the cartilage no special means are required.

Quite often, an increase in the ear puncture is caused by inflammation of the soft tissues. To reduce the risk of inflammation, immediately after the puncture it is better to wear only gold jewelry.

How to overgrow the tunnels in the ears?

When wearing ordinary earrings, the hole remains rather small. But in recent years, many young girls and boys, experimenting with images, began to wear tunnels. For such a peculiar decoration, the usual puncture has to be stretched, and you can freely stick your finger through the resulting hole. But wearing tunnels over time can get bored or interfere with finding a job. After removing them, boys and girls realize that it is impossible to completely overgrow a hole with a diameter of 1-5 cm. However, ways to reduce the huge hole exist. These include:

  • gradual reduction of the diameter of earrings;
  • surgical plastics.

The first method takes quite a lot of time, so ear lobe plastic is used to quickly correct the size of the hole.

How to reduce the tunnels in the ears?

How to grow holes in your ears? If you decide to grow a tunnel on your own, be patient. To begin with, wearable size earrings will have to be replaced with a ring that is 1 mm smaller in diameter. This will allow him to normally stay in the hole, and fill the hole a little. Once you feel that the tunnel is tight to the edges of the hole, you can replace it with the next one.

Repeat the procedure, gradually reducing the size of the earrings, should be up until the puncture does not grow to the diameter of the minimum tunnel (1.14 mm). After that, it can be replaced with an ordinary earring with a diameter of 0.8 mm.

When the hole is reduced often occur painful sensation and the earlobe reddens. To get rid of discomfort, you need to wipe the puncture site daily with jojoba oil with vitamin E.

The process of reducing the hole to normal size can take from 3 months to a year, depending on the initial diameter and characteristics of the body. If you are not ready to wait so long, seek help from a plastic surgeon.

Plastic lobes can instantly reduce the holes to the desired size or even overgrow it, at the same time giving the lobe a normal shape. If after the operation, the ear does not have enough of its own volume, you can give it with the help of contour plastics.

In the "Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center" in Poltava, your ears will be returned to a beautiful natural look as quickly as possible and without consequences in the form of scars.

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