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Fear of of beauty shots: True, fiction and is it worth to be afraid of?

Fear of of beauty shots: True, fiction and is it worth to be afraid of? It is not necessarily go under the knife of the surgeon in order the return youth and beauty for a long time. The competition for surgical methods of rejuvenation was made up by beauty shots, which are able to tighten the contours of the face, smooth wrinkles and return a healthy look to the skin in a few hours. But many women still do not dare to resort to rejuvenation with the help of plasmolifting or the introduction of hyaluronic acid. The main reason for the refusal to use injections are fears and myths surrounding an absolutely safe procedure. Cosmetologists from "Clinic of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery" will try to solve all doubts by telling the truth about the anti-wrinkle injection procedure.

Fear of dependence on "beauty shots"

The drugs that are most commonly used in injecting cosmetology are based on botulinum toxin and fillers. Injections based on botulinum toxin will help to get rid of wrinkles in the forehead area and areas between the eyebrows or around the eyes. Most of the injections based on fillers are based on hyaluronic acid and help to smooth the shallow irregularities of the skin, restore the volume of the lips and improve the contours of the face. One of the most effective preparations of this group is "Radiesse" – a filler based on calcium hydroxylapatite. The unique structure allows the preparation to fill the missing volume of facial tissues, smooth wrinkles and outline the contours.

But any drug eventually dissolves, its effect ends, and the skin comes to its original condition. Reluctance to look at the wrinkles again causes women to undergo repeated injection courses.

Fear of pain

Fear of of beauty shots: True, fiction and is it worth to be afraid of? The natural reluctance to experience pain in many people causes the fear of injecting rejuvenation. In fact, this fear is not justified in relation to the beauty shots. Most patients tolerate the procedure without anesthesia and local anesthesia by means of creams or lidocaine is used only for the most sensitive cases.

Price prejudices

Many women think that the return of beauty with the help of fillers is exorbitantly expensive. But the fear of lots of expenses is unjustifiable if you share the total cost of the course of injections for their time of action. Having made simple calculations, it is easy to find out, that the sum of expenses for a month does not exceed cost of one visit to the beautician by much. This means that the injection procedure is available to every woman with an average income.

Misconception about rehabilitation

The fear of abandoning the usual pleasures in the form of tanning in the solarium, laying on the beach, visiting a bath, sauna, sleeping on the belly, the occurrence of hematomas and edemas scares many ladies away from the beauty shots. However, these fears are absolutely unreasonable. Slight swelling goes away in a few hours, and it is not necessary to give up the usual way of life after the introduction of fillers. The only thing to do is to stop taking anticoagulants for a few days before the procedure. The treatment can be resumed the next day after the introduction of "beauty shots".

Myths about the duration of the effect

Most women experience fear of short-term effect, thinking that the action lasts for about half a year. In fact, the duration of rejuvenation depends on the basis of the drug. Modern preparations such as "Radiesse", preserve the youthfulness of the skin for more than a year thanks to stimulation of the body's production of its own skin collagen by microspheres of calcium hydroxylapatite. This means that the repeated injection course will be needed approximately every 14 months.

You will be able to appreciate all the advantages of "beauty shots" and enjoy a healthy, fresh, youthful appearance of your own skin by getting rid of unreasonable fears.

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