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Rehabilitation after breast surgery: loss of sensitivity

Rehabilitation after breast surgery: loss of sensitivity Reduction in sensitivity after mammoplasty is a problem that concerns the majority of patients who have already undergone surgery and those who are just preparing for breast correction. Of course, it is better to ask in advance your plastic surgeon about potential complications. After all, mammoplasty belongs to the category of complex operations. The procedure involves the complete incision of all layers of the mammary glands. The surgeon passes through the nerve terminals and the smallest vessels, which can cause complete or partial numb feeling. According to statistical data, its termless action is peculiar only to 4% of women, in rest of the cases the rehabilitation after breast augmentation or lifting takes from several months to 1 year.

Why does the sensitivity disappear after correction?

Each of us has the fourth intercostal nerve along the single line with the axillary cavity. Being divided into 2 original branches, it passes through the entire circumference and enters the breast tissue, regulating its sensitivity. Transsection or any other mechanical effect on this nerve (including by an implant) is unacceptable. Otherwise, the sensitivity of this area after breast augmentation may be reduced or completely lost. If however, such a complication could not be avoided after the correction, the patient must undergo a series of manipulations in order to restore that sensitivity of the skin that she had previously.

Plastic surgeons say that during the year after mammoplasty, a patient can count on a full recovery. Although, not all but just a few need such a long period. As a rule, it is enough to wait 1-2 weeks, sometimes - 6 months after the correction and the problem will be solved by itself.

Is it possible to reduce the risk of loss of sensitivity?

Rehabilitation after breast surgery: loss of sensitivity You should not be afraid of numb feeling in the breast enlarged by implants during the postoperative period. It is peculiar to 80% of patients in the first weeks after the mammoplasty procedure. It is impossible to prevent a temporary loss of sensitivity, but today surgeons can determine the level of risk for a client by the following criteria:

  1. The risk zone includes women with an elongated breast shape, which is characterized by a narrow base. And also the numb feeling of the mammary glands is more peculiar to women with a small amount of tissue.
  2. Especially often this problem can be observed in patients who have undergone a repeated prosthetic repair, when a previously installed implant is removed and a new one is installed in its place.
  3. The selected access method also affects the course of postoperative period. For example, women often prefer the periareolar correction method, when an incision is made on the bottom of the nipple. This method has many unquestioned advantages: a high level of aesthetic result, no visible scar, the possibility to use implants of any type to increase the volume, moreover, in the course of a single surgery, you can additionally perform areola correction. But after the procedure, the sensitivity of the nipples will be lost for several months. Although the probability that it will not be restored is extremely low and is observed only in 2% of patients.
  4. Rehabilitation after breast surgery: loss of sensitivity Another method of mammoplasty involves the use of transareolar access, which was previously used quite often due to high aesthetic results, and is practically not practiced in breast augmentation nowadays. It consists of a cross-incision of the nipple, which is very often followed by damage to the vasodilators. As a result of such mammoplasty, women face the problem of the need to restore breast sensitivity.

How can the breast sensitivity be restored after mammoplasty?

During the early postoperative period, it is important to carry out manipulations aimed at the removal of perineural edema. Only in this way you can relieve pressure from the nerve and restore the sensitivity of the areola. In order to speed up the process, it is necessary to strictly observe all prescriptions of your plastic surgeon, use gels for external use, the action of which is aimed at the removal of edema after implant installation, constantly wear compression garments and take anti-inflammatory drugs.

If, after mammoplasty, several months have passed, and the numb feeling of the skin remains, then it is necessary to start taking antioxidants, preparations stimulating the activity of nerve fibers and group B medications. Such therapy is aimed at facilitating impulse conduction. If these measures did not help solve the problem as well, you should apply for physiotherapy. You can undergo a course of attenuated massages, acupuncture, infrared radiation, and electrotherapy.

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