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Lipofilling or implants?

Lipofilling or implants? 1 The two methods are used widely to increase the volume of the various parts of the body and face: the buttocks, cheeks, chest and perform the correction of calves and lips: lipofilling and plasty. Each of these methods has a list of indications and may be used to eliminate the disadvantages of varying severity.

Lipofilling procedure

The essence of the method consists in the introduction of own fat in areas with lack of volume. In order to do this, the tissues are taken from the woman’s body from the areas where the fat in excess. Often, this is an area of ​​the abdomen and buttocks. Then the adipose tissues are purified and administered by injection into the problem area.

Surgical implants

Silicone implants are used to correct the shape and perform volume compensation. For example, for their administration into the mammary glands, a cut in the areola area or under the breast glands in the armpit can be performed. The implant is installed behind the breast gland and becomes indistinguishable from the natural breast, and thus does not interfere with feeding. A cosmetic suture is applied after the installation of the implant.

Advantages and disadvantages of the procedures

Lipofilling or implants? 2 Advantages of lipofilling are a low probability of material rejection due to using own fat and a minimum list of contraindications. The material is completely related to the organism of the patient, so the recovery period after the procedure is minimal. Operation does not require incisions, since the introduction of the material is produced by injection. Over time, its own fat grows with blood vessels and nerve endings and becomes a full-fledged part of the body.

The disadvantages include a less pronounced result. By means of lipofilling it is possible to increase a breast by not more than 1-1.5 sizes. In the case of weight changes or other stress on the body the effect of the procedure may come to nothing. After lipofilling the recovery not only at the site of fat introduction, but also in areas where it was received is required. After introduction, not the entire amount of material is absorbed; the surviving volume ranges from 25 to 99%. Therefore, the result may deviate from the original one over time.

When using implants, the patient can get any result. Plastic surgery can change the size and shape of the corrected region significantly. Thus, the size and shape are preserved forever regardless of changes in the body after plasty.

The disadvantage is the higher complexity of the operation with the implants, a longer period of rehabilitation, a more extensive list of contraindications and the risk of rejection of a foreign matter by the body. After suturing, invisible scars remain at the site of the implants installation that eventually may disappear or leave a faint white trail.

None of the techniques prevents a woman from feeding the baby.

What should you choose?

The choice depends on your expectations of the results of the procedure and readiness to undergo the difficulties associated with the recovery period. If you do not require major changes, it is necessary to perform lipofilling. In order to achieve more expressed results the best choice will be plasty. A qualified plastic surgeon will help you to make the right decision.