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Forehead plastic surgery (frontoplasty)

Open high forehead and eyebrows harmonious position are the essential components of a positive image.

Static transverse forehead furrows are caused by the constant tension of the frontal muscles. The patients with anatomically low position of the eyebrows use the frontal muscle subconsciously and thus stabilize the eyebrow in an aesthetically favorable position. The "Open" look created by such means comes at a price - a single or multiple horizontal forehead wrinkles. Men with severe blepharochalasis often solve the problem of limiting the size of the vertical field of view by means of a tilting the head.

Generally such a view is typical for men with redundant fat on the face, located mainly at the area of ​​the upper eyelids. For aged women it is more natural to raise the eyebrows. It makes the view much "easier" and allows to apply the makeup on the eyelids and to paint the eyelashes. The formed forehead wrinkles are less of a problem for them in fact; they just can hide them under the hair. However, the process of tissue ptosis progresses inexorably, and the contractile capacity of muscles do not compensate the ptosis of the eyebrows. In this case, a visit to a plastic surgeon is the only possible way to solve the problem.

Material prepared by
specialists of the Clinic for Plastic Surgery