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Rhinoplasty hump on the nose

Plastic hump in the nose photo 1 One of the most difficult sections of rhinoplasty is the removal of the crook in the nose. It is complicated because it involves manipulations both with bone and cartilage tissue. Most procedures are related to one type of tissue. For example, otoplasty suggests manipulations with cartilage, and liposuction - with fat tissue. Such an operation requires the highest surgical skill and concentration. This is reflected on its cost - the price for correcting severe deformations is quite high.

Special aspects of the removal of the crook in the nose

The operation is performed under general anesthesia. The operation takes place in several stages:

  • skeletonization (skin separation from cartilage and bone tissue);
  • removal of a part of the cartilage;
  • removal or resurfacing of bones;
  • saturation of cosmetic stitches.
  • Preliminary consultation of the surgeon.
  • Twelve days before the operation it is necessary to undergo a laboratory examination. List of analyzes
  • markup
  • abruption tissue
  • operation
  • plaster bandage for 7 days
  • A term of early rehabilitation is 1 month, about a complete rehabilitation it is possible to talk after 3-6 months after an operation

Indications and contradictions for the crook in the nose contouring

Crook in the nose can be manifested during adolescence. The cause is heredity. In addition, a similar defect may result from an injury. Surgical intervention is carried out if it affects the state of health or at the request of the client, who is not satisfied with the aesthetics of his/her own face.

The contradictions include the following:

  • blood-clotting disorder;
  • cancerous tumour;
  • infective disease;
  • dermatological eruptions in the area of the nose;
  • high fever;
  • serious diseases of internal organs.


Complications can occur during or after surgery. Small inconveniences can occur as well after operation by a good surgeon, but they are insignificant and temporary. And serious mistakes made by a poorly qualified doctor, concern not only the appearance of the nose - they can affect physical health, which is much harder to remedy. Almost in all cases, this concerns the inadequate or oversized removal of the cartilaginous and bone tissue.

The success of the operation depends on the patient's efforts. There are several recommendations that you need to follow a week before the procedure. They reduce the risk of complications during the contouring:

  • medical examination and test undergo;
  • refusal of alcohol and smoking;
  • stopping the use of drugs that promote blood thinning;
  • limiting contact of the skin of the nose with ultraviolet.
Operation time
1-1,5 hour's
Type of anesthesia
general anesthesia
Hospital or ambulatory
1 day hospital
A term of early rehabilitation is 1 month, about a complete rehabilitation it is possible to talk after 3-6 months after an operation


Plastic hump in the nose photo 2 After contouring, related to the crook in the nose, the rehabilitation is rather difficult and involves several unpleasant moments:

  • staying with gypsum during 10-15 days;
  • cotton plugs in nostrils (necessary to use during two days);
  • prolonged swelling;
  • prohibited exercises for two months;
  • it is not allowed to use make-up and wear glasses until completely healing.

You can verify the quality of the operation performed after the oedemata and bruises come out. But in order to finally exclude the possibility of any complications and deformations, you need to wait, at least, six months. The result of the contouring, which suits both the doctor and the patient, can be achieved only by joint efforts. When choosing a clinic, you need to find out in detail all the information about it, read the opinions, and not focus exclusively on the cost of the services provided.

It is worth saying, that “Clinic for Corrective and Cosmetic Surgery” is one of the most professional in Ukraine. Despite the fact that it is located in Poltava, it is worth to come here from any part of the country. On the site you can find all the necessary information about the professionals, read about their education, experience and achievements. Also there is an opportunity to review the opinions, prices, photos of the clinic, wards and patients before and after rhinoplasty and other corrections. You can find out how much one or another surgical intervention costs and contact the staff to clear up all the questions of interest.

Prices for the plastic of the hump of the nose

Reduction rhinoplasty
29 900 UAH
Augmentation rhinoplasty
39 100 UAH
Reconstructive rhinoplasty
46 000 UAH
Secondary rhinoplasty
51 750 UAH
Correction of the nose (Weir procedure)
10 350 UAH
Nose end section plasty
23 000 UAH
Columella plasty
10 350 UAH
Reduction rhinoplasty
The first category of complexity
29 900 UAH
The second category of complexity
32 200 UAH
The third category of complexity
34 500 UAH

Photos before and after rhinoplasty of the hump of the nose

Rhinoplasty image 4718
Rhinoplasty image 4719
Rhinoplasty image 4720

Questions from our patients about this service


Aug. 30, 2012, 11:23 a.m.
Link to the question

Hello, I am interested in such a question after you have removed the crook, are there any traces of almost imperceptible or scars on the nose? You are very thankful to you.

Representative of the plastic surgery clinic

Здравствуйте Евгений! После ринопластики не остается ни каких видимых рубцов, поскольку в основном операционный доступ выполняется посредством эндоназального доступа, это так называемая- \"закрытая ринопластика\", поэтому видимых швов нет. Если у Вас есть желание- пришлите пожалуйста Ваши фотографии, желательно в нескольких проекциях- сбоку, фас и в 3/4, и мы Вас более детально проконсультируем. С Уважением Никита Ильич .


Aug. 21, 2012, 5:36 a.m.
Link to the question

Hello !!! Please tell me how much rhinoplasty costs (remove the crook on the nose)! Thanks in advance, to you !!!

Representative of the plastic surgery clinic

Здравствуйте Галина ! Операция ринопластика , т.е.- косметическая коррекция формы носа, включающая в себя пластику кончика носа и его спинки. Операция проходит под наркозом, перед операцией нужно пройти полное лабораторное обследование. Стоимость ринопластики - операция ринопластика- 11 тысяч грн.+наркоз 1650 грн. Пребывание в клинике- первые сутки включены в стоимость операции, начиная со 2-х суток- 180 грн. в сутки без питания. Обычно пациенты на 2-3 сутки уезжают домой, приезжая к нам на 7 день для того, чтобы снять гипсовую повязку, или же- пациенты снимают гипсовую повязку самостоятельно(мы детально рассказываем- как это сделать), и приезжают к нам на послеоперационный осмотр спустя 1 месяц после операции. По поводу лабораторного обследования- если проходить в Полтаве (для этого нужно приехать на 1 день раньше запланированной операции)- стоимость- 250-300 грн., если же пациент проходит обследование по своему месту жительства- анализы нам необходимо прислать заранее по эл.почте, или по факсу. Анализы сдаются не ранее, чем за 10 дней до операции, они должны быть свежими. Список анализов, необходимых перед операцией- смотрите у нас на сайте в левом меню рубрике\"ПЕРЕД ОПЕРАЦИЕЙ\". Очередь на операцию в среднем составляет 3 недели до операции. Для более детальной консультации и компьютерного прогнозирования, если у Вас есть такая возможность, отправьте пожалуйста нам ваши фото (фас профиль и 3/4) на однородном фоне по возможности высокого качества. Если у Вас есть дополнительные вопросы- пожалуйста, обращайтесь, всегда рады помочь. С уважением- Никита Ильич.