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Ear surgery (otoplasty)

Plastics of earflap - otoplasty Otoplasty is a surgery used to improve the shape and size of the ears, eliminate protruding (everted ears), correction of congenital and traumatic ears defects.

A common cause of dissatisfaction with the appearance for both adults and children is the shape of the ears, their size, deformation of the lobe or other sections and protruding ears (everted ears). This aspect may occur due to the wrong ear attachment angle to the head, or due to an excess of cartilage tissue in its central part.

The Poltava clinic for plastic and cosmetic surgery performs otoplasty under general anesthesia (narcosis) for patients under the age of 10-12 years of age; for older patients it is being performed using the local anesthesia.. Before performing the otoplasty (plastics of earflap), the patient undergoes a complete examination and passes all the necessary tests.

Plastics of earflap The surgery usually takes 1-2 hours, depending on the complexity of the manipulation. Incisions are made on the rear side of the ear, at the skin folds. Use of special shaped incisions of the cartilage and the internal suturing allow to create the necessary folds of cartilage that fix the ear to the head. Thus, it is possible to preserve the natural look of the earflap.

Usually, a few hours later the patients leave the clinic. The bandaging and follow-up check-ups are appointed individually. The postoperative period includes the swelling of the ears, moderate pain and violation of sensitivity. The expression of these symptoms is individual. The need for taking the painkiller preparations disappears after 2-3 days usually. The bandage on the head should be kept for 5 days.. The elastic bandage should be worn at night during a month after otoplasty. The final results can be seen in 1-2 months after surgery.

Our specialists are constantly improving their skills; they have extensive experience performing these operations, and it guarantees aesthetic stable result.

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