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Breast augmentation (mammoplasty)

Modern women are willing to do muchto give the breast a beautiful shape and a desired size. That is why mammoplasty is currently considered one of the most popular procedures in plastic surgery.

What is mammoplasty?

It is a name foran effective method of mammary glands correction, which involves surgery. Breast plastic makes it possible to achieve the desired results regarding the increasing ofthe breast size with the help of implantation, as well as correction ofits shape after childbirth or breast-feeding is possible.

Procedure overview

Breast augmentation (mammoplasty)  photo 1 Before making mammoplasty, it is necessary to perform a consultation with thespecialist. In so doing you will be able not only to determine the cost of the procedure, but also to figure out all the nuances of the upcoming operation.

After the required procedure is defined,the plastic surgeon makes preparations for the surgery. The operation process may include a breast lifting and its increasing with implants.

  • Preliminary consultation of the surgeon.
  • Twelve days before the operation it is necessary to undergo a laboratory examination. List of analyzes
  • careful marking
  • forming of new form of breast
  • 2-4 month's

Indications for surgery

In most cases, the cause of the augmentation plastic is small size and asymmetry of the mammary glands, which often causes discomfort, and becomes the cause of complexes and self-doubts.

Types and features of breast implants

Implantation of breast involves the use of implants which may vary according to several indicators:

  • shape: round and anatomical;
  • thickness: low or high profile;
  • the type of surface: smooth and structured;
  • density: soft and dense.

Different types of implants have different prices. These values may affect the total cost of the breast enlargementprocedure.


There are some contraindications, due to which the breast enlargementprocedure is not recommended:

  • the presence of tumors,
  • mastopathy,
  • the infectious nature of the disease,
  • chronic diseases in the acute stage,
  • diabetes
Operation time
1,5-2 hour's
Type of anesthesia
general anesthesia
Hospital or ambulatory
1 day hospital
2-4 month's

Rehabilitation period

Breast augmentation (mammoplasty)  photo 2 Rehabilitation after augmentation mammoplasty takes 1 - 1.5 months. Suturesare being removed in the first ten days and the patient’s functionality is being restored. After 1.5 months it is possible to play sports.

Terms and duration of rehabilitation are set individually for each woman.

Possible complications

Effects of plastic augmentation occur in different ways for each woman. The norm includes swelling, asymmetry of the mammary gland, pain and discomfort in the chest in case of the active movements of the upper limbs. These effects disappear during the rehabilitation periodof theimplantation.

Expected results

Implantation gives an opportunity to get an immediate effect. The mammary glands become firm and taut, they receive neat and beautiful shape. Photos of our patients before and after surgery demonstrate the results. It is possible to get acquainted with the reviews of patients ofPoltava "Clinic of plastic and cosmetic surgery"on our website.

Why should you choose our clinic?

We guarantee a professional approach to all procedures and optimum prices. Find out how much it costs to perform themammoplasty in our clinic, and get acquainted with the reviews of patients on this website.

Prices for breast augmentation

Endoprosthesis of the mammary glands (prices are indicated without the cost of implants)
Submammary access
29 900 UAH
Transareolar access
34 500 UAH
Transareolar access with the decreasing of areolas
36 800 UAH
Transaxillary access
33 350 UAH
Secondary augmentation mammoplasty with capsule ectomy
46 000 UAH
Augmentation mammaplasty with perioral mastopexy
43 700 UAH
Augmentation mammaplasty with a t-shaped (anchor) mastopexy:
The first category of complexity
40 000 UAH
The second category of complexity
42 000 UAH
The third category of complexity
44 000 UAH
Capsuloectomy with replacement of breast implants
on one side
20 700 UAH
on both sides
41 400 UAH
Capsuloectomy (one side)
8 050 UAH
Capsuloectomy (both sides)
11 500 UAH

Photo before and after mammoplasty

The breast augmentation and breast surgery (the augmentation) image 4003
The breast augmentation and breast surgery (the augmentation) image 4004
The breast augmentation and breast surgery (the augmentation) image 4132

Feedback from our patients about the service of mammoplasty

Review translated from Russian language automatically

Good afternoon! I would like to share my impression of the Clinic !!! Everything is top notch. Ilya Yurievich is a wonderful doctor. The medical staff is very good !!! First of all, fear of the surgery, but the atmosphere of understanding, care is great !! Chambers are cozy, clean. I am very pleased that I chose this Clinic and this wonderful doctor. It was operated on February 22, I am very pleased with the result))). I recommend everyone to anyone who wants to become more beautiful, it’s your dreams that come true)))) Thanks again 💐💐💐💐💐

Review translated from Russian language automatically

Good day. I've been enjoying your creation for 4 months now !!! Insanely happy !!! Perfect result But a number of questions arise regarding physical activity: can you say such exercises as a plank, jogging, jump rope and jumping can be included in training? Thank. And a special thanks from the beloved man 😉

Review translated from Russian language automatically

Hello, my dears!!! ))) My Breasts-send photos, just brag and say THANK you again :)

Review translated from Russian language automatically

Good day my dear ! Did not reach hands to write to you, the breast is magnificent, I am glad every day that nevertheless decided on it made it even more. Healed very quickly and I Am very grateful for everything, Hello To you from Krasnodar region.

Review translated from Russian language automatically

Good day!!! Thank You!!! Ilya and Nikita I. You are the best!! Breast augmentation surgery was successful, Breasts look great. Many thanks to the nurses, Lydia Petrovna, Lesya Fedorovna for the care and good attitude. The clinic is wonderful! With respect to Sofia. m. Lviv.

Review translated from Russian language automatically

Hello, dear Ilya Yurievich!!! I'm a very old patient of yours. Eleven years ago, you had breast augmentation surgery. I was completely flat. You have made a gorgeous Breasts, which I am proud of all this time! Thank You for everything!

Review translated from Russian language automatically

Nikita Ilyich! I did You have a boob job in the month of October. Now the beach season is opening and I would like to thank you very much for my confidence. A couple of months ago we did liposuction on the hips. Thank you very much for your information and moral support! With respect to You and the wonderful staff of the clinic, Olga.

Review translated from Russian language automatically

Hello, did 30 March you have re-and rhinoplasty and mammoplasty. I want to thank you . Today is the 4th day after the operation ,opened the underwear and saw the Breasts , what they are beautiful steel . Even though it's hard to breathe , but when I saw it ,it was worth it .. tell Ilya Yurievich , I am very grateful to him for remaking my Breasts !!!

Review translated from Russian language automatically

Hi, Very grateful for your Breasts, the size has become larger, soft, does not hurt at all. I have to massage the nose, a little bit thinner began, lips heal. Thank you very much, I am very pleased with the result.

Review translated from Russian language automatically

Hi. It's been 1.5 months since my mammoplasty surgery. I want to say a huge thank you first of all to Ilya Yurievich for the right implant. The shape and size is just super. A big thank you to Nikita I. for the professional conduct of the operation. In General, the result exceeded all my expectations. I am very glad that I came to your clinic. I also Express my gratitude to Olesya Fedorovna for her sensitive attitude and to all the staff of the clinic.

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