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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery - one of the most difficult types of mammoplasty. Often it is done not only at will, but on the recommendation of doctors. Too large a size can adversely affect other parts of the body, such as the spine. Large mammary glands can cause untimely diagnosis of mastopathy or oncology.

The essence of the operation

The goal of reduction mammoplasty is not only to reduce the size, but also to give the breast an aesthetic shape and volume. In the process of surgical intervention, you need to remove excess connective or fatty tissue, re-form the areola and nipples, correct possible asymmetry, and also perform a tightening.

An important point is the work of the circulatory system and nerve endings. This is very important if the woman is in reproductive age, since it is necessary to maintain the function of lactation.

Breast Reduction Techniques

Before the operation, the doctor conducts a mandatory examination of the patient. In the process, the state of the pectoral muscles, connective and fatty tissues, as well as the epidermis of the mammary glands is determined. The main decisions that are made during the survey are:

  • the place where the incision will be made, and in the future there will be a seam;
  • the way in which excess tissue will be removed.

Surgical intervention includes not only the removal of excess tissue, but also a lift with a change in the position of the areola and nipples. Often a large size is associated with the appearance of ptosis or sagging. You can talk about the success of the operation only after two months, when all the consequences have passed.

Indications and contraindications

Indications for surgery may be of a personal nature. But in some cases, operations are performed at the insistence of doctors. To avoid negative consequences, it is necessary to exclude a number of contraindications:

  • the presence of acute or chronic infectious diseases;
  • oncology;
  • pregnancy or lactation;
  • kidney or heart problems.

A pre-operative examination in the clinic involves a comprehensive diagnosis, including mammography and testing.

Possible complications after reduction

Distinguish between early and late postoperative complications. The first include:

  1. Hematoma. Most often manifested in the first days after surgery.
  2. Suppuration. It is removed by draining and removing dead tissue.
  3. Divergence of seams. Sometimes there is a need for early thread removal in order to improve blood circulation and reduce the consequences.
  4. Tissue necrosis. May be accompanied by fever or pain. In some cases, repeated intervention is required.

After some time, complications may appear in the form of severe scars or sensory disturbances in the nipple.

Stages of Breast Reduction

The entire course of the operation is divided into several stages:

  • preparatory examination;
  • preparation and anesthesia;
  • antiseptic treatment;
  • incision in the zone agreed in advance;
  • extraction of excess connective tissue;
  • tightening stretched skin areas;
  • moving the areolar zone to a new position;
  • the formation of a new mammary gland;
  • the imposition of cosmetic stitches.

Rehabilitation and care after correction

After the operation, the woman should spend a couple of days in the clinic. The length of stay is determined by the condition of the patient. Further, taking into account age-related characteristics, rehabilitation is prescribed. For the entire recovery period, it is necessary to exclude physical activity. also exclude the pool or sauna. Strict adherence to the rules speeds up and simplifies the rehabilitation process.

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Breast reduction price

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