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Correction of areola

Correction of the areola is a surgical procedure aimed at improving of the shape or size of the nipple-areola complex. The procedure can be performed alone or in combination with other types of mammoplasty (breast augmentation, breast shape changing, etc.). In Ukraine, this plasty is popular among both women and men; it has a low cost and a lot of positive reviews. The effect is also proved by photos before and after plasty.

Indications to the procedure

  1. Uneven outlines.
  2. The asymmetric arrangement of the nipple-areola complex (NAC). Surgery is especially effective when one complex is larger than the other one by 1.5-2 times.
  3. Inverted nipples. According to statistics, inverted form occurs in 10% of women and men. The male half of patients turn to doctors because of dissatisfaction with the aesthetic appearance of the nipple-areola area, it does not have the normal convex shape and looks like it flows into the chest. For the female half of the patients it brings not only psychological discomfort, but also difficulties in breastfeeding. Surgery is the only way to solve the problem. The effectiveness of the operation is confirmed by photos before and after the procedure as well as by the numerous positive reviews.
  4. Exaggerated size. Prolonged breastfeeding can lead to a significant increase of the nipple-areolar complex of the female breast. Its reduction in conjunction with the breast lifting can return aesthetically attractive appearance to it. The problem of hypertrophic NAC is found not only in women but also in men. In some cases, men's correction takes place in conjunction with the treatment of gynecomastia.
  5. Damage of NAC. Deformation can be caused by trauma or previous removal of the breast.
  6. Asymmetric diameter of the areolas. The procedure is performed for the patients with enlarged diameter of areolas – the size that is more than 5 cm (standard value is 2.5-4 cm). It is possible that only one areola requires reduction. Accordingly, the procedure price becomes lower.

Types of nipple-areola complex correction

Plastic surgeons use two methods of operating. In order to select one of them, a surgeon determines whether the patient is going to perform breastfeeding in the future at the stage of consultation.

  • Preliminary consultation of the surgeon.
  • Twelve days before the operation it is necessary to undergo a laboratory examination. List of analyzes
  • marking
  • resection of fabrics
  • 1-2 month's

Plasty of inverted nipples

  1. Method that involves violation of the milk ducts integrity. Of course, it suits only to those women who do not plan to perform breastfeeding. The process is as follows:
  • After performing the local anesthesia, the surgeon pulls out the nipple;
  • then the surgeon makes an incision along it;
  • after that, the surgeon separates the mammary gland, which pulls it down;
  • the lower part of the tissue is bonded so that the nipple would not fall again;
  • aesthetic appearance is restored;
  • sutures are being imposed.
  1. Method without compromising the integrity of the milk ducts. The procedure takes place under a microscope, which is used to remove the retractive connective tissue without damaging the ducts. The process includes the following steps:
  • After performing the local anesthesia, an incision on both sides is made;
  • the surgeon separates the fibers which retract the nipple;
  • aesthetically attractive appearance is formed and sutures are being imposed.

Correction of convex NAC in men

The main method is liposuction. For its implementation, the surgeon makes small skin incisions, through which he removes subcutaneous fat. Area of ​​processing is much wider than the areolas diameter is. If the decrease in the volume of fat and glandular tissue will be carried out only at the site of the breast, then a funnel may be formed.

Decreasing of long NAC

There are two options for the operation:

  • complete removal of the nipple with subsequent returning its top;
  • removing of the top and the sealing of the remaining part.

Both methods have positive reviews in Ukraine.

Operation time
1 hour
Type of anesthesia
local anesthesia
Hospital or ambulatory
1-2 month's

Postoperative rehabilitation

The patient can leave the clinic after 4 hours after the plasty. Moderate swelling and soreness can be present during the first days. The recovery period is 14 days.

How much does a procedure cost?

The correction cost is determined individually. "Our prices" section of the website indicates the cost of the procedure in accordance with its complexity. You may ask about the aspects of the operation or the cost of other services by visiting our clinic in Poltava or via the phone. We offer a high level of service and reasonable prices.

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Prices for nipple plastic surgery

Correction of nipple-areola complex
Areola reduction on one side
12 650 UAH
Areola reduction on both sides
18 400 UAH
Plasty of inverted nipples
The first category of complexity
18 400 UAH
The second category of complexity
20 700 UAH
The third category of complexity
23 000 UAH

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