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Radiesse - a preparation for contour plastics

We strive for beauty subconsciously. Perfect proportions of a young face change over time. Certain bones resorb and sag, and it causes the contours of the face to change, some sections loose the volume, covering tissues sag and the wrinkles appear as well. It is impossible to stop the process of support structures depression, but it is possible to inhibit and slow down ptosis of covering tissue. One of the best preparations for this purpose is the filler called Radiesse.

Its advantage is that it is not only able to smooth out the wrinkles, but it may also fill up volume lost with age. The preparation is developed by scientists at the BioFormMedical US company. It has 2 components in its structure: microcrystals of calcium hydroxyapatite and basic gel. By virtue of this content, the filler has a specific dual effect. Basic gel immediately creates a filling effect (volumizes the soft tissue).

Deep furrows and wrinkles are filled and the sunken areas of the face disappear.. Calcium hydroxyapatite microcrystals are similar in structure with the same material of our bone. These crystals activate the processes of own connective tissue structures synthesis. And by the time the gel is absorbed, the own supporting tissue is present on its place, which retains its properties for several years.

Indications for use of the preparation:

  • correction of facial contours;
  • deep furrows on the skin;
  • indrawn dermal scarring;
  • eyebrows that changed their position;
  • malar area with insufficient relief;
  • recessed chin;
  • unwanted relief of the nasal bridge;
  • underdeveloped corners of the lower jaw;
  • significant eyelid-buccal furrow;
  • deep nasolabial furrows;
  • deep nasolabial furrows;

Procedure of the contour correction

The contour correction is one of the methods of certain aesthetic tasks non-surgical solutions. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis. Doctors working with Radiesse should definitely have a certificate that allows to work with this preparation. Introduction of the filler into certain body sections, in this case it is calcium hydroxyapatite. Duration of the procedure depends on the number of zones that are subject to volumizing and volume of the preparation being injected. Typically, the procedure takes from 20 to 30 minutes. Introduction of the filler is performed using a special syringe with a narrow needle. 1.5-3 ml of preparation is used during one session.

You can evaluate the result almost immediately after the procedure. The full effect of the preparation can be seen in about a month.In some cases in order to achieve the most significant effect it is necessary to perform several stages of multi-level volumizing. The doctor reports about the reasonability of filler intermittent administration on preliminary consultation.

After the procedure the moderate soreness, burning and redness are present at the site of injection. These phenomena will disappear by themselves after a few days..

Complications after Radiesse injection are rare. The preparation has a high compatibility with human tissues. Allergic reactions occur very rarely.

Contraindications to perform the procedure:

Acute infectious diseases; pregnancy and lactation; pustular skin diseases; bleeding disorders.

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