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Facial lipofilling

Lipofilling is a relatively new surgical procedure that greatly expanded the possibilities of plastic surgery and partially changed the way to solve certain cosmetic problems. In a short time, the procedure has gained many supporters among the specialists of aesthetic medicine, for its ease of implementation, predictability and a wide range of possibilities. For patients, the attraction of lipofilling lies in the field of affordability, absence of long-term rehabilitation and a fast obtaining of the result..

The technique is about a patient's own fat is transposed from the donor area into a recipient area. The donor area is part of the body with excess fat, and a recipient area is part of the body with missing fat. In fact, any problem area on your face and body can be filled by transposing fat substrate, and thus eliminate the unwanted relief. The main advantage of augmentation plastics that is using your own tissue is the absence of allergic reactions and rejection,that can occur with the introduction of artificial implants. Own fat is not perceived as a foreign object by the body, it quickly gets accustomed at the injection site – it is getting filled with vessels, nerves, and functions on as a full-featured tissue.

Indications for the procedure

Lipofilling is justified in case face fat blocks changed their position and moved medially and down as a result of drastic weight loss or due to easing of ligamentous structures. This leads to tissue depletion of certain face areas inevitably. The lower orbital region starts to contour clearly, temporal area is being depleted, and nasolabial, mouth and chin furrows are deepened. The superciliary arch, the cheekbone and the medial portion of the maxillary bone sag due to the age resorption of bone tissue. The muscle tissue also suffers degenerative changes. The volume of the lips and the chin is reduced significantly. This leads to the formation of many cutaneous bends and wrinkles around the mouth inevitably.

All these changes are individual and depend on many factors. Therefore, a qualified specialist evaluates the entire image as a whole, and corrects the most important zones –: the lips and the nasolabial folds.

The lipofilling procedure

The procedure does not require general anesthesia and a hospital stay. It takes less than an hour.

A sufficient amount of fat is taken by means of special cannulas from the area where fat is particularly developed (the anterior abdominal wall, inner thighs). It is filtered, washed from the blood elements, and is introduced in the concerned areas: lips, nasolabial folds, etc. using very thin cannula. The procedure is accompanied by a mild swelling of the surrounding tissues and traces of skin punctures. Often, the formation of small local bleeding and bruising is typical in the periorbital area only, where capillary bed is developed well.

The duration of the rehabilitation period is individual and depends on the amount of injected material and the areas where the augmentation took place. In most cases, bruising disappears within 7 days, and the pain disappears even earlier. There is risk of complications during surgery of any kind always, but it is minimized for lipofilling.

Histological studies have shown that fat is being sprouted with capillaries after 2.5 months and begins to function as a full-featured tissue.


Lipofilling is contraindicated for patients suffering from diseases associated with blood clotting, severe diabetes and any exacerbations of skin diseases.

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