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General information on the preparatory period before the operation

1. During the consultation, the patient should inform the surgeon regarding the presence of chronic diseases and allergic reactions.

2. 2. The patient should pass the following examinations in a hospital convenient for him:

3. It is necessary to exclude the administration of the preparations containing acetylsalicylic acid for 2 weeks before surgery.

4. It is necessary to exclude alcohol, limit caffeinated beverages and smoking for 3 days before surgery.

5. It is necessary to pass for a consultation with a physician anesthesiologist including overview of the research results for 2 days.

6. It is necessary to exclude completely the intake of food and fluids for the 6 hours before the procedure.

7. On the day of the procedure, the patient should come without make-up and jewelry. The nails should be without the nail polish. You should have a bathrobe, slippers and personal hygiene items.

8. Driving and activities requiring increased attention are not recommended for the day after the surgery under general anesthesia.