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Poltava gastronomic

Dear friends, our city is famous not only for history, which goes back to ancient times, but also for the ability, desire and skill to meet and see off guests, and first of all – the Ukrainian meal.

Than our glorious and beautiful Poltava-vareniki and pampushki, krucheniki and galushkii, borsch and a cold are not rich!

Very often our patients ask us a question: "Where in your city is it tasty and nici to eat? Is it far from the clinic?"

Tasty and healthy food, and even with Poltava coloring always raises the mood and strengthens physical strength.

Preferences for all people are different, we recommend those places that we love and that are within walking distance from our clinic:

Restaurant "Kozachka"

Maximum 10 minutes walk. This restaurant is famous for its good service, true Ukrainian hospitality and real Poltava traditions.

In our opinion - the most delicious borsch, vareniki with a lot of fillings (our recommendation is with cherries!) - "Kazachka" the best!

"Beer House"

A maximum of 7 minutes walk, famous for both classical Ukrainian cuisine and amazingly delicious pizza of different varieties and sizes, with fillings from which only you can not imagine - with cheese and with meat, with mushrooms and sausages, is unusually tasty!

This institution is extremely popular for visitors of our clinic, because it offers good service in terms of delivery of ordered food directly to the ward.

Material prepared by
specialists of the Clinic for Plastic Surgery