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The breast augmentation and breast surgery (the augmentation): photo before and after

A beautiful big female breast will give confidence to any woman. To date, each woman can afford to increase the volume of her bosom and change its shape. Our patients are happy to share photos taken before and after the operation on this page, so that you can evaluate the results.

Mammoplasty is a plastic surgery which helps to increase or decrease the mammary glands. In the course of the correction process, a special implant is inserted under the skin. There are several types of inserting the implant: under the gland, under the muscle and under the fascia.

Depending on the surgical approach, there can be the following types of mammoplasty:

  • inframammary;
  • peripapillary;
  • retromuscular.

Breast plastic surgery of all kinds is presented in our gallery on photos of our clients before and after correction.

Mammoplasty excludes the risk of damage of the mammary glands. The rehabilitation period can last from 1 to 1.5 months.
Implantation allows each woman to increase the volume of her breast and give it a beautiful shape. You can be sure of the effectiveness of this procedure by checking out the reviews and photos of our clients before and after mammoplasty.