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Rhinoplasty: photo before and after

A man is not always satisfied with its appearance. Aesthetic dissatisfaction causes internal discomfort. Nose plastic surgery will help to improve the situation and prevent the development of complexes.

Rhinoplasty - correction of congenital or post-traumatic deflections of the outer part of the olfactory organ. In order to give you a clear idea of its capabilities, we have created this section, covering before-and-after photos of our customers.

The photo clearly shows how it is possible to correct the shape, remove the hump in the nose and much more with the help of plasty.

Here are presented the results of plastic operations of two types: closed and open one.

It is not necessary to do the complete rhinoplasty. It is enough to change the shape of the nose a little, so to feel yourself more attractive while comparing the appearance before and after.

Changing the tip of the nose is a rather popular procedure. The plastic is made under regional anaesthesia. This plastic surgery consists in the displacement or partial removal of cartilaginous tissues.

The rhinoplasty of the nose alae is the simplest and easily tolerated plastic surgery. Correction of the width is done by cutting off soft tissues at the base.

Our satisfied patients - that is the best advertising for us. Before-and-after correction photos of our clients, as well as numerous reviews will help you to choose sides.