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Hip lift (flankoplasty)

Hip lift (flankoplasty) Fat deposits in the thighs and buttocks are one of the most difficult problems that can also be solved with the help of plastic surgery. Most patients resort to hip lifting for aesthetic reasons.

About the procedure

The essence of plastic surgery is to remove excess fatty tissue and saggy skin from the inside of the thighs, as well as pulling the free edges and cutting them. As a result, the natural microrelief of the skin is restored, sagging and friability of the skin goes away, the surface is completely smoothed.

Indications for hip lift

You can do a hip lift if you have one of the following problems:

  • localized fat in certain areas and excess skin;
  • total excess weight that you want to get rid of;
  • sagging skin with or without subcutaneous fat.

Flankoplastics can remove all these imperfections. It is carried out after a sharp weight loss, with moderate obesity and the presence of excess skin.


Such surgical intervention is not allowed to do to patients who have chronic diseases of the cardiovascular or lymphatic systems. Earlier body plastic surgery, which could affect lymphatic drainage, can also be a serious obstacle to hips.

Possible complications after flankoplasty

Possible complications after surgery include discrepancies in soft tissue and sutures, migration of scars or too wide scars, damage to the sensitivity of nerve endings at surgical sites. In some cases, lymphatic edema or thrombosis is observed.

It is worth noting that complications after plastic surgery of the body occur only in 10% of cases and also depend on the individual characteristics of the patient’s body, namely overweight, number of diseases, general health, eating habits and bad habits, physical activity and other things.

In view of this, operations are rarely performed on patients whose weight exceeds 90 kilograms.

How is the hip lifting operation

Flankoplasty surgery takes place in 2-3 hours under local anesthesia. The surgeon performs a thorough preliminary examination, tests are performed. After the patient is anesthetized, he makes incisions in the groin and removes fat deposits and excess tissue from the inner thigh.

Often, such an operation is combined with liposuction, lifting and other related procedures:

Tightening of the tissues is carried out with the help of self-absorbable threads in the direction of the intera-berry folds.

Rehabilitation after tightening the hips

Hip lift (flankoplasty) After plastic surgery, the patient spends 2-3 days in a hospital under the supervision of a doctor and other medical personnel. Sutures are removed only after 14 days (when using absorbable threads - they disappear themselves).

Further recommendations after flankoplasty:

  • restriction in physical activity in the first 2-3 months;
  • the use of compression underwear in the first 30-60 days;
  • complete exclusion of heat treatment within 1 month after surgery.

Expected effect

As a result, flankoplasty tightens the overall contour of the body, improves the aesthetic proportions of the legs. The skin becomes elastic, toned, without friability and sagging. The effect of the procedure lasts for 10 years, as evidenced by numerous positive reviews with photos.

How much is plastic hips

The cost of plastics and hips lifting depends on the volume of the treated surface, the patient's desired result and other factors. You can sign up for a consultation with a specialist in a clinic in Ukraine - in Kiev, Poltava and other large cities.

The price of the service includes a full body examination and other complex factors, preoperative preparation.