Intimate plastic (labioplasty)

Labiaplasty is the correction and reduction of the labia minora. This is a common procedure that is performed to women after childbirth, significant weight loss, disturbances of the hormonal system, injuries and age-related changes.

Indications for the procedure

  • changes in the shape and size of the labia after childbirth;
  • sprains and breaks;
  • congenital hypertrophy;
  • increasing of the labia due to hormonal failure or age;
  • personal desire of the patient to improve the aesthetic appeal of the genital organs.


Labiaplasty cannot be carried out in the presence of malignancies, venereal diseases, addiction to open bleeding and poor blood clotting.

Possible complications

A woman may feel a slight discomfort when wearing underwear, swelling and decreased sensitivity in the area of surgery immediately after the labiaplasty.

Preparation and stages of the procedure

The woman submits analyses for syphilis, HIV, hepatitis B and C and a smear on flora before intimate plastic.

Correction procedure takes less than 1 hour. After that the patient can go home in 1-2 hours.

Labiality starts with determining the area of excision and striping. Local anesthesia is used often, but in some cases general anesthesia is allowed to be used. Removal of excess tissues may occur by a straight or V-shaped resection. In the first case excessive folding is eliminated, and in the second one - folding and pigmentation is preserved while reducing the total volume. The bioresorbable sutures that dissolve within a few days after the procedure are used during the suturing. The increasing is performed by introducing of a biogel, which is completely safe for the organism.

Rehabilitation period

The physical activities should be limited during 2 weeks after the operation, and you should stop visiting saunas and solariums as well. Exclude sex for 2-3 weeks and observe the doctor's recommendation with respect to hygiene during the rehabilitation period.

Result of the labiaplasty

The aesthetic appeal is being returned to the genitals after correction, the sex life becomes brighter, and the pain and discomfort occurring during sexual intercourse disappear. A positive effect of intimate plastics can be shown on "before and after the procedure" photos as well as feedback from our patients in the "Reviews" section.

The cost of the procedure

Labiaplasty price depends on the individual features of the patient. You can find out how much intimate plasty costs in the "Our Prices" section or you can get more information about the cost via the consultation with our expert.

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Reviews from our patients about this service

В этой клинике мне сделали лабиопластику. Пластика малых половых губ прошла успешно. Малые половые губы после операции стали очень аккуратными. Радуюсь о своем выборе хирурга и что решилась на операцию на интимной зоне. Бесконечно благодарна хирургу и медсестрам за понимание (что именно я хотела от операции). Довольна результатом!! Желаю вам поток благословений во всех сферах!!

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