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Breast asymmetry correction

Asymmetry of the chest is a fairly frequent phenomenon. Pathologies may be minor, but sometimes the difference reaches several sizes. Modern plastic surgery allows you to correct these shortcomings and feel confident on the beach or next to your beloved man.

Causes of breast asymmetry

Pathology is present if one mammary gland is larger than another. You can also observe differences in the shape and direction of the areoles. Often this is expressed in the difference in chest height. The nature of the phenomenon is related:

  • with heredity;
  • with age due to reduced elasticity and decreased collagen production;
  • with oncology or trauma;
  • with natural hormonal changes during pregnancy, lactation or menopause.

In any case, a mandatory consultation with the surgeon is needed to determine the possibility of correcting

Indications and contraindications for correction

Preparation for plastic surgery begins with an examination. Indications may be:

  • clear visual differences between the mammary glands;
  • omission of one of the breasts;
  • asymmetric elongation and differences in shape;
  • excess fatty tissue in the chest area;
  • woman's desire.

But no matter how strong the client’s desire and apparent visual differences are, all contraindications must be excluded:

  • oncology, regardless of the location of the focus of the disease;
  • clotting problems;
  • age up to 18 years;
  • pregnancy or lactation;
  • infections of various types;
  • allergic reactions to anesthesia.

A full conclusion about the client’s health status is made directly at the clinic.

Possible complications

The risk of postoperative complications is minimized. The norm is considered to be periodically appearing mild pain, swelling, bruising and pressure at the site of implant placement.

Among other problems that arise after surgery, you can name:

  • the presence of large scars, this phenomenon is not temporary and may require another cosmetic intervention;
  • the appearance of seals due to scarring around the prosthesis;
  • tears of the implant itself;
  • folds under the mammary gland, they are often called double dough;
  • instability associated with the mobility of the prosthesis;
  • decreased or impaired lactation;
  • loss of sensation in the nipple area.

In any case, it is necessary to consult your doctor and report any discomfort.

Stages of correction of breast asymmetry

Practicing surgeons offer several methods for correcting asymmetry. But the final decision is made in each case separately.

Depending on the state of health, one of three methods is used:

  1. An increase in the smaller breast. Sometimes the simultaneous installation of implants in both breasts is used. With such an operation, it is important to choose the right amount of prostheses.
  2. Correction by reducing the size. It is carried out by removing excess connective and fatty tissues.
  3. Mastopexy or lift. Most often, the need for it arises after feeding the baby or sudden weight loss.

After deciding on an operation, the patient receives recommendations for preparing for it. They include the abandonment of alcohol, smoking and medication. The latter can only be done after consultation with your doctor. It is also necessary to follow a diet before anesthesia.

Rehabilitation and care after correction

The first day a woman should be under the supervision of doctors. You cannot sleep on your stomach for the entire rehabilitation period. The first couple of days you can’t also lie on your side. Sports are contraindicated and the wearing of compression underwear is required.

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Breast asymmerty correction price

Endoprosthesis of the mammary glands (includes cost of implants, anesthesia and hospital stay. Without the cost of compression underwear)чё
Submammary access
round form
67 425 UAH
anatomical form
70 125 UAH
Transareolar access with the decreasing of areolas
round form
73 825 UAH
anatomical form
78 525 UAH
compression underwear
1 800 UAH
Secondary augmentation mammoplasty with capsule ectomy
46 000 UAH
Augmentation mammaplasty with perioral mastopexy
43 700 UAH
Augmentation mammaplasty with a t-shaped (anchor) mastopexy:
The first category of complexity
40 000 UAH
The second category of complexity
42 000 UAH
The third category of complexity
44 000 UAH
Capsuloectomy with replacement of breast implants
on one side
20 700 UAH
on both sides
41 400 UAH
Capsuloectomy (one side)
8 050 UAH
Capsuloectomy (both sides)
11 500 UAH

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