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Mikroabdominoplastic 1 Abdominoplasty is an operation used to get rid of excess tissues and fat at the abdominal area. This procedure helps to improve the shape of the abdomen and the proportions of the figure. Most often, the plasty is used by women after childbirth, when there is excess skin and stretch marks at the waist area and it may be performed for men after a dramatic weight loss when excess skin forms in the abdominal area. The procedure is a major surgery, which has a number of indications and contraindications.

Our clinic has extensive experience in abdominoplasty; we offer reasonable prices and guarantee the desired result. The opinions of our patients will help you to make sure of this.

Indications for abdominoplasty

  • skin and fat apron in the abdominal region and expressed rugosity;
  • presence of severe fat on the abdomen, which may not be removed by non-operational methods (diet, exercise);
  • expressed stretches.


  • disorders of the heart and pulmonary system;
  • acute form of infectious diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • gastrointestinal disorders;
  • bleeding disorder;
  • planning of pregnancy within the next year.

Possible complications

Mikroabdominoplastic 2 Swelling and bruising in the area of ​​excision are present after the intervention. More serious consequences due to lack of professional capacity are possible as well. Profuse hemorrhage and renal failure can occur and develop as a result of excess tissue excision. The wound may accumulate serous fluid or blood, which requires a puncture. In case of tissue necrosis, which is most likely to occur in smokers, necrotic tissues are excised and a new suture is being imposed.

  • Preliminary consultation of the surgeon.
  • Twelve days before the operation it is necessary to undergo a laboratory examination. List of analyzes
  • careful marking
  • removing layer by layer of fabrics
  • imposition of guy-sutures taking off that is not necessary, resolve independently
  • 2-3 month's

Preparation and performing of abdominoplasty

Before the plasty the patient should pass a series of tests. The operation lasts for 2 to 5 hours under general anesthesia. Technique is selected individually depending on the patient's requests, but in general a horizontal cross-section of tissues below the navel with navel repositioning or without it is being performed. After the incision is made, the repositioning of the excess skin with fat, connection of rectus muscles with each other, correct positioning of the umbilical hole and the excision of excess tissues are performed.

Micro abdominoplasty involves administering Klein solution into dermis fat graft for the purpose of thinning. Resection of excess tissue is performed only after the thinning.

Rehabilitation period

The patient should wear a compression garment throughout the rehabilitation period, which will contribute to the fast discussion of sutures. The patient should refrain from physical exertion, sauna and solarium for 2-3 weeks.

Expected result of abdominoplasty

This operation is one of the most popular due to the fact that the effect is pronounced and is preserved forever in the absence of rapid weight gain. After the intervention a longitudinal scar on the pubis and around the navel is present. It is impossible to determine the nature of future scar before the correction, because it all depends on the characteristics of the patient's body.

Operation time
2 hour's
Type of anesthesia
general anesthesia
Hospital or ambulatory
1 day hospital
2-3 month's

Why should you choose our clinic?

Our clinic has extensive experience in abdominoplasty and micro abdominoplasty. All operations are carried out by experts using professional equipment and high-quality products. In order to evaluate the results of our work you can take a look at the photos of our patients before and after the operation, as well as read their reviews. The cost of the procedure is selected individually depending on the patient's condition. In order to find out how much the procedure costs and what affects its price as well as to get additional information, you should contact us by phone or directly in the Poltava clinic.

Photo before and after abdominal plastic surgery

Micro-abdominalplasty image 3479
Micro-abdominalplasty image 3480
Micro-abdominalplasty image 3481

Prices for micro-abdominoplasty

The first category of complexity
34 500 UAH
The second category of complexity
36 800 UAH
The third category of complexity
39 100 UAH

Reviews of our patients about the service of abdominal plastic surgery


April 19, 2014, 10:46 p.m.
Review translated from Russian language automatically

I am very grateful to the staff of the clinic. Did the tummy tuck. Thank you Olesya Feodorovna. Ilya Yurievich and Nikita Ilyich are wonderful surgeons!!!!

Марина Бойко с Америки:)

Nov. 27, 2010, 8:43 p.m.
Review translated from Russian language automatically

Hello Olesya Fedorovna, Ilya Yurievich, Vladimir Georgievich, Lilia Petrovna and all the staff of the clinic! Once again, I want to THANK YOU all very MUCH for successfully performing abdominoplasty, because I am in America - thanks to ALL of you!!! It is very good here and I thank God and you that I came here. I always live with a feeling of sincere gratitude to you all!!! On the website of classmates posted photos from here, but I do not know how to find you there:) good Luck to you all!

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